Spirit Cube Inc., an Austin-based startup specializing in life tribute websites, plans to roll out the upgraded version of its redeveloped site http://www.spiritcube.com. The company has been working with Clarity-Ventures (http://www.clarity-ventures.com), a custom development design partner contracted to build out the interface and add in new features and upgrades.

The Phase Three design reflects the best possible user experience based on BETA testing through user feedback data in earlier versions of the site. The third phase version of the company website is on schedule to be made available to select users in late 2013 for testing and then launched in early 2014. The company plans to attend the upcoming 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and use it as a platform to proactively promote the site.

The company recently announced the preparation of a Private Placement set for release in early 2014 that will be simultaneously launched with the Clarity-Ventures version of its Phase three web interface. The offering is for capital venture funding that the company plans to use on advertising and marketing. The company has been preparing for the upcoming events and is completing a forward stock split with its shareholders.

“With the new design, our site offers users the ability to set up a customizable tribute at no charge,” indicated Spiritcube C.E.O. Chris Nelson. “By offering a free service in a market that traditionally charges its users, it allows us to use an advertising revenue-based business model, with about 15% in premium chargeable upgrades which is similar to Pandora and LinkedIn, and bottom line, increases our user numbers.

One of the key premium upgrades is the Living Tributes section of the Spiritcube website. This gives users the ability to set up their own accounts, customizable according to their personal preferences in design, color, music and video. A Living Tribute user will also be able to maintain valuable data that becomes available in the event of emergencies as well as the ability to set up future contact with friends and relatives that gives them a Digital Afterlife.