SpiritCube PHP Development Team

SpiritCube managment has put together a great starting team of PHP developers and programmers. The Team leader Edward Amankwa indicated that the the the PHP developers / programmers are a great team to start the layout and the beginning design aspects of this application. The team are all locals and the code will be held on a private server for management review only thus protecting the integrity of the project.

Spiritcube Expands into the Austin, Texas Technology Scene

Spiritcube Management opens office in Austin’s “Silicon Hills” with the intent of partnering with developers as the area offers plenty of opportunity for the company to expand outside of Florida. American Business, Start-ups and Growth Companies are trending to a more conducive business climate. Austin, Texas, “Silicon Hills” is quickly becoming the next tech haven for ideas, talent, venture capital, less taxes and a Strong Business Climate. If businesses are looking for a sustainable, progressive and an affordable city to expand their futures, then they need to look no further than Austin, Texas. There’s a reason why dozens of national and international technology based corporations chose to open an office and operate from Austin. The Information and Computer Technology industry was selected to be part of Texas Governor Rick Perry’s growth initiative because of its powerful potential for future economic growth. The Company has indicated that the city’s deep talent…Keep Reading

Spirit Cube Interface redesign completion on schedule

i-Tul.com, a California based interface Design Company with expertise in graphic design and web based interface development, has completed the first steps of the Spiritcube interface redesign. Spirit Cube Management exclaimed that i-Tul.com has been a great team to work with and have been able to accurately realize the vision that the company has had for its web based interface site. With the first part of the redesign completed i-Tul.com is currently uploading the completed “styles” to in-house host and “stitching in” the pre-existing code as they connect the design pages of the I.U. (User Interface). Spiritcube Inc., President and Founder, Chris Nelson and the company Board of Advisors have been working with the i-Tul.com team making great strides in nearing completion of the Phase Two Project. “The process of redesign is a step by step, page by page process. Once a design theme is achieved (as we have reached…Keep Reading

SpiritCube Servers and Bandwidth Requirements Being Met

We have currently interviewed five different full source hosting companies that can handle our application. When securing our new company servers we will seek a safe, secure and conveniently located facility to support a wide variety of mission-critical Web based, Applications. Our core data center will be a physically secure environment and redundant infrastructure that offers a broad range of options with guaranteed connectivity for SpiritCube users. The prospective hardware will have Managed Intrusion Detection & Prevention Service provides vigilant 24/7/365 real-time monitoring, detection, analysis and response to internal and external network security threats. The addition of the hardware will deliver the optimal balance of computer automation, event correlation and human analysis combining best practices with proprietary methodologies to cost effectively & proactively protect our organization. We are seeking the best bandwidth that has a network that is a “Cisco-Powered Network” utilizing the latest technologies, configurations and protocols in routers…Keep Reading