Our short history


Founded in 2010, Spiritcube Inc. is a privately held Web based Tech Company Founded in Florida and merged with a Nevada Corporation. The company has an operational office in Austin Texas to partner with its software developers. Spiritcube Inc., an emerging developer of digital afterlife presence and “Media Imaging” projection, has initiated development, of its new mobile Application (App), which allows greater mobility for new users to create an account and easily send and receive their personal “Cube”.

Our Philosophy

Spiritcube™ connects friends and families.

Initially the company’s primary business was to offer (users) people the ability to celebrate “life” and to pay tribute to or memorialize the deceased, the terminally ill and the living. Spiritcube provides people the use of a company developed (Copyrighted and Trademarked) Web-Based interface and Software Application to share tributes in a digital after-life. Recently while designing and building out the tribute portion of our website we began to develop a feature presently referred to as the “3D-Cube”. Originally, the “3D-Cube” was designed as a final component that branded the Spiritcube™ Accounts with a definitive uniqueness. The 3D-Cube rotates and displays account media along with the company logo.

Our Team


With the new developments in our media sharing app, we are convinced that we will blaze a new trail as the world’s leading “Life-Identity,” “Life-Management” and “Life-Remembrance Application.” Spirit Cube’s strengths are plain to see; we have a very unique brand, we have technological expertise and innovative power and we have tenacity that all put together, is unparalleled in our industry.