Spiritcube Inc. releases investor information for 506 Capital Raise

Austin, TEXAS – Spiritcube Inc., (a privately held web based digital afterlife company) releases information for Accredited Investors that are interested in the company’s 506c private placement memorandum. Spiritcube is in the process of a $2,000,000 (Two Million Dollars) capital raise with funds to be used for the completion of its web based software application, operational expenses and an advertising campaign to attract new users. The company has recently merged its Florida Corporation into a Nevada Corporation and is maintaining its daily operations in Austin Texas. The Company (Spiritcube Inc. www.spiritcube.com ) has allotted 1,000,000 shares for this first round offering and a copy of the Private Placement Memorandum is available by emailing or contacting the company. Accredited Investor 506 Regulations On September 23, the JOBS Act-mandated SEC rule permitting general solicitation and advertising of private offerings conducted under SEC Rules 506(c) and Rule 144A went into effect, opening a…Keep Reading